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Tullymore Golf Resort Wedding in Stanwood, MI | Sunshine and Pat

Sunshine and Pat had a December wedding at the wonderful Tullymore Golf Resort in Stanwood, MI. I started the day with Pat as he got ready with his groomsmen in The Lodge at Tullymore.


There was some great window light coming in that I took full advantage of for these portraits of Pat. It’s cool how the same light source can produce two completely different looks depending on where I position myself with the camera.


Of course, being me, I wanted to do something a little more dramatic as well. I found a spot with some wall sconces and a window that I thought would make a nice framing device, but the light was terrible:


The ambient light was… not good.

Knowing how to use off camera flash (and a little Photoshop magic to fix the burnt out bulb…) allowed me to transform the previously unusable location into a moody backdrop for this dramatic portrait of Pat:


When I transitioned over to the Tullymore clubhouse where Sunny was going to be getting dressed, saw that the room that had been set aside for her had brown walls and no windows – certainly not ideal. I looked around and found another spot just down the hall and suggested that we move there instead:

TulleymoreGolfCourseWedding 0037

I can work with this…

At first glance it didn’t look all that amazing, but I knew that I could use the window light to give some beautiful depth to the photos, and I had an idea to hang the dress from the chandelier and light it with a flash:


The light from the window was perfect as Sunny’s mom and aunt helped her get into her dress.TulleymoreGolfCourseWeddingTulleymoreGolfCourseWeddingTulleymoreGolfCourseWeddingTulleymoreGolfCourseWedding

Next we headed out onto the patio for the first look.


For a winter wedding, the weather was as good as we could have asked for, but it was still pretty chilly outside. Luckily Sunny and her bridesmaids came prepared with matching knit shawls to keep them warm. Definitely a must-have for winter bridal parties!



Sunny’s brother Christian was her “Man of Honor”. He’s also a talented musician and provided live music for the processional!


After the ceremony we headed out for a few more bride and groom portraits on the patio. One of the nice things about Tullymore is that here are some good portrait locations just a few feet outside the door from where the ceremony and reception are held, especially for winter weddings.


Pat and Sunny love to laugh with each other and it’s easy to see that in their photos.


Back indoors we made use of the Christmas tree in the lobby as a backdrop for some romantic backlit photos.


A wedding party dressed all in black definitely calls for a flash composite. I love this technique for creating one-of-a-kind group portraits:


Sunny is an author, and the tables at the reception were themed with stories about her and Pat’s relationship. What a great way to put a personal touch on the decor!


Sunny’s dad Tim introduced the newlyweds into the reception.


Rather than clinking spoons, the guests had to sing a song if they wanted Pat and Sunny to kiss, which provided plenty of entertainment.


We finished off the evening with a dramatic night time portrait at the front entrance of the clubhouse. I love how Sunny’s dress, the columns, and the lighting all combine to give the image an old-Hollywood, film noir feeling.

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